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Ipswich City Council Street Light Fees Increased

Prior to 2017, Ipswich City Council did not charge a "checking" fee for electrical/street lighting designs.  After all, what is there to check if they are Code-compliant?

Then Council adopted the policy that all new street lights should be owned by Council rather than by Energex. (There is a general belief in local government areas that councils can own and operate street lights cheaper than if they pay the network service providers to do so. This assumption is not fact-based.)

The reality might have struck home now, because on 1 July 2017, the checking fees for designs of Council-owned street lights more than doubled. They now sit at between $50 and $445 per light!

The justification for this big increase cannot be that extra checking is required. Designs which are RPEQ-certified to comply with Code and Council policy hardly need checking.  That is why Brisbane City Council provides for street lighting designs to be self-certified by A-rated consultants, with zero fee payable.

We can only assume that Council is trying to recover at least part of the additional cost of owning and maintaining its own street lights.

In real terms, this will increase land prices by about $45 per lot.