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Telstra Charging $913/lot for New Subdivisions

Under the Australian Government's New Developments policy, from 1 March 2015 NBN was required to charge developers the cost of installation of fibre to new developments. Telstra was empowered to charge for its copper cables. Of course, these charges are additional to the developer's cost of installing conduits and pits, which is of the order of $800 per lot.

NBN began levying their charge for fibre on 1 March 2015. NBN charges $600 GST-inclusive per lot, plus the cost of backhaul to the point of connection, when that is required.

Telstra began charging for copper wires on 1 October 2015.  For each job Telstra quotes a single charge. They do not separate the backhaul charge from the cost of servicing each lot, so we have no way of knowing exactly what that servicing charge is.  However we have received many quotations for exactly $913.00 GST-inclusive per lot, where backhaul was not involved.  So from this we deduce that Telstra's fixed charge for servicing each lot with copper is $913.00 GST-inclusive.

Compared with NBN's charge of $600 per lot, Telstra's charge of $913 per lot seems excessive. To whom is Telstra required to justify this charge?

And for that, Telstra gives no guarantee that ADSL broadband will be provided. Often it is not.

Backhaul is another issue. Telstra's backhaul charges are generally lower than NBN's, mainly because the type of development which Telstra serves is usually close to the existing copper network. Backhaul charges vary greatly, but are lowest or nonexistent for later stages of a multi-stage development.

So what conclusion do we draw from this?  That where design and construction is not contestable, monopoly service providers can write themselves a blank cheque.