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Telstra's New Development Policy: 1/7/15

Following the release of the Federal Government's new Telecomunications in New Developments policy, Telstra has now joined NBN Co in levying charges for the installation of its telecommunications infrastructure in conduits and pits installed by developers. Copper wires, previously installed at Telstra's cost, will now be charged to the developer.

Full details of Telstra's new policy can be downloaded from Telstra's Smart Community website at

The process will involve Telstra's providing a quotation for design and installation of its cables and infrastructure, with the developer then signing an Agreement and making payment.  

The new policy will apply to all aplications received by Telstra after 30/9/15.  Applications received up to 30/9/15 will be processed under the old policy, i.e. no charge for the copper wires, but the pipes and pits must be installed and accepted by Telstra before 1/3/16.

Would clients please note that we lodge Telstra applications when we send Telstra our electrical design. So we need to be engaged by mid-August, with civil designs already completed by then, if we are to be confident of meeting Telstra's deadline.