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RRA Now Offers a "Low Rate" Alternative

For 30 years, RRA has provided a comprehensive design and construction co-ordination service for clients.  Uniquely in our industry, we have employed contract administrators and field-based construction co-ordinators, to see jobs through from design to handover to Energex/Ergon/Telstra/NBN. We believe that by doing this, we have obtained the lowest total costs for design + construction and generally ensured that construction has been completed and bonds returned in the fastest possible time.

Other electrical consultants, however, offer virtually a design only service, taking no responsibility for construction. Because they do not employ contract co-ordinators, they can afford to offer lower fees. Unknowing clients compare their rates with ours and think they are offering a better deal. What their fail to realise, however, is that the construction co-ordination work that we would otherwise do is simply passed on to the contractor, who increases their rates accordingly. There are no free lunches.

Faced with competition from low-cost airlines, Qantas created its own low-dost option in the form of Jet Star. So we shall do the same. We are now offering a low-cost service which will match the service offered by our competitors, at a discount of 25 percent off our standard rates.

It gets even better however. We shall still continue to source all materials direct from Energex/Ergon, instead of specfiying their supply by the contractor, which is what other consultants do. This saves 10-15 percent of the cost of materials, which is equivalent to about half of our reduced fee. Clients who wish to select their consultant on the basis of fees, are unlikely to get a better deal than this.

Having said that, no doubt most clients will continue to prefer our comprehensive design + construction co-ordination service. Experience suggests that this results in the lowest total cost, in the fastest possible time.

Feel free to request full details.