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NBN Backhaul Charge to Commence 1/7/15

By Government direction, NBN Co's new Agreements now include a fixed fee of $600 per lot for fibre installation.

They have now confirmed that, in addition, they will also commence charging developers for backhaul from 1 July 2015. Details of charging are yet to be released.

The backhaul charge will apply to all new developments for which NBN Co issues an Agreement from 1 July 2015. Existing agreements issued prior to that date will not be affected - the backhaul charge will not apply to them.

It should be remembered that backhaul is only required on the initial stage of an NBN development.  Once NBN fibre has been installed to the boundary, further backhaul is not required.

Due to the time it takes NBN Co to assess an application and issue an Agreement, we strongly recommend that our clients lodge any "Stage 1" applications with NBN Co very soon - certainly before the end of April. Even then there is no guarantee that NBN Co will issue its Agreement offer before 1 July, but we are confident that they will do their very best to process applications as quickly as possible.

As usual, applications can be lodged for developments which are expected to produce at least 100 lots within the following three years. An issued DA is not necesarily required at the time of the application, but a master plan is required.

In any event, if you have any questions, please feel free to talk to our Telecommunications Manager, Kristine Russell. Her telephone number is 07 3872 5555. Her email address is