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NBN or Telstra?

Basic Telephone Service

NBN fibre is available for installation in "greenfield" estates which expect to produce at least 100 lots in 3 years, and which fall within the NBN "footprint". It costs the developer nothing. We'll lodge the application on your behalf if your estate complies.

All other estates will be serviced by Telstra, by virtue of its Universal Service Obligation
Universal Service Obligation, under the Telecommunications Act. Just how Telstra provides a basic telecommunications service is entirely up to Telstra. It may do this by installing copper wires, or by providing fixed wireless telephones.

Broadband Service

If NBN greenfield fibre is installed, broadband services will be offered by retailers who elect to do so. Details have yet to be advertised.

If Telstra provides a basic telecommunications service using copper wires, ADSL broadband may be available, depending on the equipment at Telstra's local exchange. If Telstra installs a fixed wireless telephone, then the householder will need to obtain a wireless broadband connection from Telstra or one of the other retailers who offer this service.

Conduits & Pits

Whatever telecommunications service is available, it is a requirement of the Telecommunications Act that the developer install NBN-compliant conduits and pits, to ensure that the estate is "fibre ready".

The conduits and pits are installed in shared trenches with the electricity conduits, so that has to be the cheapest way to do it. This is part of the seamless service we provide....