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For projects costing $80 000 GST-inclusive or more, the developer is required to pay a combined Building & Construction Industry levy calculated at 0.35% of the estimated total GST-inclusive cost of the job. For details, please refer to the QLeave website.

When we are engaged, we provide you with a rule-of-thumb method for estimating the cost of design and construction of electricity reticulation and street lighting. That produces a very rough estimate - but better than nothing. Then, when we have prepared our design, we give you a more reliable cost estimate.

Finally, on completion, we tell you what the job actually cost - just in case you have to lodge a variation with QLeave.

You can also access your job's cost on our website, but until costs from the Energex Agreement have been entered, and the electrical contractor has been appointed, that figure means little.

Give us a call if you have any questions about the levy.