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The cost varies greatly from job to job. Factors which increase the cost include:

  • external works to bring high voltage to the estate
  • major road lighting required
  • council requirement to convert existing overhead to underground
  • new transformer required
  • length of new road per lot.

At present (2012), the net cost of design and construction of electricity and street lighting (in Energex's area) averages about $5500 GST-inclusive per lot for large residential subdivisions, but this cost varies greatly from job to job. The GST-inclusive net cost of commercial subdivisions currently ranges from $16 000 to $22 000 per lot.

Our fee is based on a scale which takes into account the size and complexity of the job. It presently averages about $440 GST-inclusive per lot for large residential subdivisions. However, like total costs, it varies greatly from job to job, for the same reasons. The "per lot" cost is, of course, higher for small subdivisions.

In Ergon's area, our fees are generally higher, mainly due to travel costs. Construction costs are also higher, because (currently) Ergon's policy is not as "developer-friendly" as Energex's. Please contact us for indicative costs.

We are pleased to provide our current scale of fees upon request.

Often it is not possible for us to provide a firm fee proposal without first preparing a preliminary design, in order to gauge the full scope of the job. That requires us to obtain network maps for the area, gather load data for the existing transformers and do computer calculations. Often a site visit is also necessary.

When clients require a firm fee proposal (and total cost estimate), we are happy to provide one, for an agreed fee. If we are later engaged for the project, part of this fee is deducted from what we would otherwise charge for design.