Community Titles

Energex/Ergon Restrictions in Community Titles

Ergon will not install its cables on private roads inside community titles developments.  Ergon will provide a single point of supply to the development.

In years gone by, Energex cables and pillars could be installed inside community titles developments, the same as for freehold developments.  But the rules have now become more restrictive.

If there are fewer than 10 lots, Energex will only provide a single point of supply. All internal reticulation must be privately wired.

If there are 10 or more lots, Energex reticulation can still be installed internally, but Energex requires a 1.5-metre verge along one side of all internal roads, for the installation of its cables and pillars. This is often not possible, in which case there must be a single point of supply from Energex.

There is another reason why a single point of supply might be preferable. It is because of an anomaly in Energex's funding arrangements. If a new transformer is required, Energex will supply this free of charge when it has to upgrade a single point of supply. So this is what you should do:

  • In the subdivision phase, engage us to arrange provision of a single point of supply. That will enable plan-sealing.
  • Then apply to Energex for that supply to be upgraded as required to serve all the units. This second step is your responsibility, however we can tell you how to do it if necessary.

All a bit complicated? Certainly we are happy to advise you regarding the most economical approach in every case.