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Form 2 - From Contractor to Energex

Robin Russell & Associates does not design private electricity installations, to comply with AS/NZS 3000:2007. This would normally be done by your building services electrical contractor, who would design and install the electrical installation, starting at Energex's point of supply. For a large development, however, you might choose to engage an electrical consultant to design the installation, and possibly supervise the electrical contractor who would construct it.

When the installation is ready for connection, the electrical contractor must lodge a Form 2: New Electrical Work Request with Energex.

To ensure that Energex can match the Form 2 with the Retailer's B2B, it is very important that the Form 2 contain identical details with the Application which you lodged previously with the Retailer. So you must give the following to the electrical contractor as soon as possible:

  1. copy of Energex's Form 2226: Proposed Electricity Supply Arrangements
  2. copy of the Application for Supply of Electricity which you lodged with the Retailer
  3. Retailer's B2B number

Energex will connect electricity supply to the main switchboard. This will provide community power supply.