Community Titles

Connection Application to Energex

When you have a firm program for construction, start by phoning Energex's Call Centre on 13 12 53.

Tell them:

  1. the enquiry concerns: "supply availability"
  2. it is for a community titles development
  3. address of the site
  4. name and details of contact person

Energex's Call Centre will assign a Work Request Number, then refer the enquiry to Energex's Network Service Centre. The Network Service Centre will then phone/contact you to obtain full details of the proposed community titles development, i.e. how many units, how prestigious, whether air-conditioned, etc., to estimate likely load.

The Network Service Centre will access your requirements and create a Project, if supply is not already available from the existing network. They will send this to Energex's local Hub, for design and construction.

The Hub will prepare a design. If a new transformer is required, they will write to you, with details of the required site and foundation. It will be your responsibility to prepare the site and construct the foundation. (Electricity Regulation 2006 S. 57 empowers Energex to demand space for a substation if the calculated electricity demand exceeds 100kVA. That covers most town house developments of more than 10 units.)

The Hub may also request a capital contribution (payment) from you, if the cost of their project is too high in relation to anticipated future revenue. (Don't ask how this is calculated. No one at Energex can tell us. It is a very complicated formula, hidden in the bowels of their computer.)

If a substation (transformer) site is required, the Hub will also send you a Form 2226: Proposed Electricity Supply Arrangements, which sets out details of the proposed electricity supply, i.e. transformer, substation site, etc. You should check this carefully, then, if it is correct, sign it and return it to Energex. This is your consent for Energex to construct the substation and install their cables on your land.