Community Titles

Application to Retailer

Not more than one month before the installation will be ready to be connected, lodge an Application for the Supply of Electricity with your selected Electricity Retailer. This can be done via the Internet, by fax, or by telephone.

You will be applying for the supply of electricity for community power. The Body Corporate will be the eventual electricity customer, but initially there will be no Body Corporate, so the applicant will be the developer.

When lodging this application, please ensure that the following details are supplied very precisely and completely:

  1. name and address of customer (who will pay the electricity bills)
  2. installation address (including additional information that this is community power)
  3. real property description of the common property
  4. date you expect to require electricity supply to be connected

Ask the Retailer for their Retailer Service Order (known as a B2B) number.

The Electricity Retailer will send the B2B to Energex. Energex will hold the B2B, awaiting receipt of a Form 2 from your electrical contractor.