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Robin Russell BE, BCom, FIEAust, CPEng, NER, RPEQ

Robin is a chartered engineer, with the longest professional experience of anyone in the Queensland electricity industry.

He had 23 years' engineering and administrative experience with Brisbane City Council and the electricity supply industry.

In 1985, when the design and construction of electricity reticulation and street lighting became contestable in south east Queensland, he accepted the challenge and created the consulting practice for this purpose. He progressively recruited a number of experienced ex-Energex design staff, with the aim of achieving the industry's highest subdivision design standards.

The company and its scope of work have grown over the past 30 years. Telecommunications infrastructure is now part of its core business. Geographically, its reach has spread into Ergon Energy's service area of regional Queensland. It remains the largest consulting practice in Queensland focused on the design and construction management of electricity reticulation, street lighting and telecommunications infrastructure.

For several years, Robin also operated an electrical contracting company which performed a wide range of construction and maintenance work for SEQEB. This provided invaluable insight into the problems and challenges faced by electrical contractors. By knowing how to work with contractors rather than against them, the company has developed a synergy with contractors, which serves clients' ultimate advantage.

Robin's accreditations and affiliations include:

  • Fellow, Institution of Engineers Australia
  • Chartered Professional Engineer
  • National Engineers Registration
  • Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (No. 1546)
  • Member UDIA (Qld)


Arden Jeannotte, AScT, BE(Elec), MIEAust, CPEng, NER, RPEQ

Arden graduated with First Class Honours from British Columbia Institute of Technology (2000) and then QUT (2010). He gained chartered status in 2012. He is a Registered Professional Engineer Queensland.

Arden has had broad professional experience, in fields including quality assurance, environmental sustainability, electrical safety for road lighting, road lighting design, electricity reticulation design and overhead/underground electricity distribution.

Having spent three years formalising the company's design standards, Arden has now moved into design on a full-time basis.



Paul Russell, BinfTech

Paul's background is in software development for several large corporations, locally and overseas. His main role at RRA is the development of software for job tracking, document storage and database applications.

Ellen Russell, Director

One of the company's directors, Ellen has responsibility for the company's accounts.

Kristine Russell, Practice Manager

As Practice Manager, Kristine is responsible for day to day administration of the company's business practices.

Before joining our team, Kristine's experience was in managing the supply of materials for commercial architectural fitouts. Her particular focus was on developing good client relationships and this is now her major contribution to the engineering practice.

Kristine also has responsibility for managing telecommunications infrastructure development. This is a rapidly changing field. Kristine keeps aware of current developments by maintaining close contact with key personnel in NBNTM and Telstra.


Justin Lucht, Design Manager

Justin holds a Certificate 3 in Engineering.

He has had 12 years' experience in designing and drafting subdivision electricity reticulation and street lighting.

Justin provides fee proposals and allocates design staff to new projects.

Justin has overall responsibility for the quality of our electrical and street lighting designs. This includes management of the design quality auditing and designer rating systems.


Steve Holland, Electrical Designer

Steve began as an electrical tradesman in 1990, and gained broad distribution system experience in various departments of SEQEB. He then worked as electrical system designer with SEQEB for several years, before assuming responsibility for asset and resource management for SEQEB's north Brisbane area.

Steve has been producing designs for RRA since 1998. In that time, he has designed electricity reticulation and street lighting for more than 400 subdivisions.

Steve's particular strength is his detailed knowledge of Energex's network and its operation.

Daniel Cameron, Electrical Designer

Daniel's basic training is as an electrical fitter/mechanic. He also holds a Certificate III in Electrotechnology (Systems Electrician). He has received additional training in drafting and road lighting design.

Daniel is one of our three electrical designers in Ergon's regional area of supply, working mainly in the Southern Region. He also works in Energex's area, particularly in the area near Brassall, where he has his home office.

Nick Mamalis, AssocDipElecEng, DipBusMgmt

An electrical fitter/mechanic in 1991, Nick gained an Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering, followed by a Diploma in Business Management. Nick's next goal is an MBA. Nick has also studied AutoCAD drafting, contract law and safety investigation.

Nick's initial employment was with Ergon Energy, as electrical tradesman, then as a technical officer. Transferring to Energex in 1999, Nick served there as planning officer, planning & design coordinator and field services manager.

Nick brings to our team a wealth of experience with both Ergon and Energex, with an ideal personal development profile. He is proving to be a valuable problem solver.

William Schardt, AssocDipElecEng

William began his working life as an electrical tradesman in 1987. He gained an Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering in 1990.

William spent the first spent 21 years of his working life with SEQEB/Energex, where he gaining detailed experience of the industry. He started in the field as an electrician/linesman, but soon became a design officer, specialising in design of the electricity network and street lighting. For several years, before leaving Energex, William served as Subdivision Coordinator, responsible for managing Energex's subdivision development process.

William is one of our three Ergon designers. Not only does he have a thorough technical knowledge in this field, but he also knows Energex, Ergon and Council processes very well. Often this is the key to a successful job.

Chris Allan, Electrical Designer

Chris holds an Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

He spent 4 years with Energex as an electrical tradesman, gaining broad construction experience, then 14 years as Technical Officer, engaged on distribution planning and design. He is therefore very familiar with the equipment he is designing.

Chris also knows and understands Energex's policies, procedures and standards.

Anthony Hobbs, DipBus

Anthony commenced with us in 2000, after gaining hand-on construction experience with a large electricity reticulation contractor. He holds a Diploma of Business.

Anthony's designs are in the areas of Sunshine Coast and Central Queensland. He is one of our three Ergon specialists.

Max Wilson, DipElecMechEng, MIES

Max is our specialist road lighting designer. He has being doing road lighting design for over 50 years and is probably the most experienced road lighting designer in Queensland. What Max doesn't know about road lighting is probably not worth knowing. For an "old generation" engineer, Max is remarkably versatile with CAD and complex lighting design software.

Max holds a Diploma in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering and is a Member of the Illuminating Engineering Societies of Australia and North America.

Shane Mills, Telecommunications Designer

Shane qualified as an Architectural Draftsman in 1991. Originally working in the residential sector Shane was involved in new home design, large home extensions and small developments. He joined RRA in 2010.

Shane produces our NBN and Telstra designs. He must work closely with both organizations to ensure our designs meet their different criteria. In the case of NBN designs, he actually produces two drawings for every job - one drawing for NBN's use and one which the construction contractor can read and understand.

Bernie Russell, Construction Co-ordinator

A qualified electrical fitter/mechanic, Bernie began work in the industry in 1994. He worked, in turn, for Powerlink Queensland and two of the major electricity reticulation contractors, as an underground reticulation supervisor. He joined RRA in 2001.

Since then, Bernie has filled the role of Construction Manager for RRA. His responsibility is to ensure that construction starts and finishes on time, and solve any construction problems that might arise.

Bernie understands construction issues, so he is well equipped to bridge the gap between Energex and contractors - both civil and electrical. Our design officers often call on him for practical advice.

Shane Hyde, Construction Co-ordinator 

Shane started in the industry as an electrical tradesman in 1977. In 1986 he was appointed to a supervisory position with one of the largest electricity reticulation contractors. Initially the company worked as contractor to SEQEB, but gradually became one of the most prolific subdivision constructors.

Shane joined RRA in 2013, to serve as Construction Manager in Sunshine Coast and Ergon's regional supply.

Shane's knowledge of subdivision electricity reticulation construction is beyond compare. His unrivalled experience as a contractor specialising in this work means that he talks the same language as contractors. Potential problems are resolved quickly, and without fuss.

Clayton Trueman, Contracts Administrator

Previously with Telstra, Clayton has joined us to handle administration of our construction contracts. This includes tendering, contractor appointment, progress claims and job closure.

Todd Banfield, Project Administrator - Energex

Todd is one of two Project Administrators, whose job it is to distribute designs to all affected parties and to ensure that they know what we are asking them to do.

Todd manages jobs in Energex's area - a deliberate choice, since he worked in Energex's Subdivision Department for a time.

Tania Deller

Tania is responsible for gaining design approvals from councils and Department of Transport & Main Roads.- perhaps our most challenging assignment.

Jess Cowdroy, Project Administrator - Ergon

Jess is one of two Project Administrators, whose job it is to distribute designs to all affected parties and to ensure that they know what we are asking them to do. Jess manages jobs in Ergon's area - from the initial application to the Ergon Agreement.

Debbie Kopp, Contract Administrator

More information coming soon.

Darren Lloyd, BE(Hons), MEngSc, RPEQ, RPEng

Darren Lloyd holds the degrees of Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering (Hons) and Master of Engineering Science - Electricity Supply. He is a Registered Professional Engineer Queensland.

Darren joined us in 2017, having served previously as Energex's Group Manager Design, responsible for design of Energex's transmission and distribution networks. He has had 26 years experience as a professional engineer.

Darren's main responsibility is the development of policies and procedures relating to quality, safety and environmental protection. He will be seeking to engage new technologies now opening up in the area of electricity reticulation and street lighting, including solar generation, battery storage and LED lighting.

His main focus, however, is on providing clients with value for their fees paid.